Supported Metrics

Pace, Power, Heart Rate, Cadence
Ground Contact Time, Stride Length, Vertical Oscillation

Convenient Summary For Each Run

All the vital statistics from your most recent run, compactly summarized.

Easily Measure Distance Over Time

Weekly Distance illustrates week over week changes in your volume and also longer term patterns. Are you progressing too quickly? Challenging yourself enough? Distance by week is one piece of the answer to those questions.

Weekly Distance, Most Recent Run, and a few other views are available as Widgets so you can start your analysis right from your Home Screen.

Categorize your runs, because not every run is identical

Comparing hard workouts to easy ones, or social run clubs to like comparing apples to oranges. Find more value in your metrics and trends by categorizing your runs.

Powerful Analysis

Deets.Run provides Power Zone analysis, as well as Power to Weight ratio for your runs. These advanced metrics can tell a more accurate story than traditional metrics alone.

Specify Quality Intervals

During workouts in particular, certain parts of the workout have more interesting metrics than others. Typically, warm up, cool down, and recovery periods will bring down the overall metrics of a workout. By specifying the quality portions of your workout, you can see metrics and trends only for those quality sections. This can be especially helpful when trying to answer questions like 'how are my threshold intervals changing over time'.

Workout Trends

By categorizing workouts, you can then view long term trends for each metric. Combine this with Quality Intervals, and you can really dig deep into your longer term progression.